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Houthi militias use mosques to make mines, says Yemeni Resistance

HODEIDAH: The Yemeni Resistance has said that its engineering teams have found a mine-making factory belonging to the Iran-backed Houthi militia inside a mosque in the western city of Hodeidah.

The Yemeni Resistance said that the factory was discovered inside a mosque under construction during the clearing and dismantling of Houthi mines networks from the streets, neighbourhoods and facilities liberated inside the city of Hodeidah. The teams said that the Houthi mines will not deter them from clearing all of Hodeidah from mines and from expelling the militias who are carrying out subversive activities in civilian facilities, as part of their attempts to adopt a scorched earth policy in Hodeidah after the successive defeats inflicted upon them.

The Resistance added that its forces had been able to clear large areas inside Hodeidah city from mines and improvised explosive devices, IEDs, in residential neighbourhoods and along roads. These, it said, posed a great threat to the lives of innocent civilians and contravened international norms and laws that criminalise the laying of mines, particularly those aimed at individuals.

The Houthi militias, it said, had resorted to devilish tricks to continue harming Yemeni citizens, such as the placing of mines and other explosive devices in bags of sugar and rice and fire extinguishers, these then being planted in the homes of Yemeni citizens, on public roads and in government buildings in Hodeidah to harm the people of the city who reject their presence and their terrorist practices.

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