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NVN Motorworks drives ahead


Nick Lim with Abbey Blundell (centre) and Marek Belan pose for a group photo in Dubai.

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Senior Staff Reporter

Dubai: NVN Motorworks, a UAE-based leading studio for car Paint Protection Film (PPF), detailing and window tinting sees huge potential and strong growth in the burgeoning UAE automotive market bucking the global trends.

“Our businesses specializes in PPF, which is essentially a clear film fitted to a vehicle to protect it from minor scratches, swirl marks while keeping the vehicle looking at it’s best permanently.” This was stated by Abbey Blundell, Sales Manager at NVN Motorworks, Dubai during an exclusive interview with Gulf Today, adding that her company offers the most premium of services for protecting the finest of cars.

“As one of the only XPEL studios in the region that have exclusive rights to XPEL PPF and official XPEL training, NVN’s signature PPF installation uses a combination of the latest technologies to help ensure sand, stones and road debris will never damage your vehicle. No matter what life throws at your car, NVN provides you with the protection you need,” she added.

“We understand the unique environmental demands that cars are subject to in the region, and have tailored our product offering to reflect this,” she added.

Abbey noted that they have an exclusive selection of industry-leading products for paint protection, window tinting and detailing - applied by a highly skilled in-house team.

“Our ethos from the moment your car arrives, until we return it back to you - is to ensure only the highest level of craftsmanship at every step.” A 8000sq ft. hermetically sealed, dust-free environment has been designed specifically for the application of our products”.

“ The NVN technical team are the only team in the UAE to receive extensive factory training from XPEL Middle East, and are hand-picked for their experience in the industry.” Abbey cautioned that before they apply any PPF to a car they also carry out signature detailing including engine bay and interior detailing and then they carry out a 3-step paint correction (comprising of decontamination, removing any small scratches/swirl marks and enhancing shine), usually over 1-1.5 days until every imperfection is removed.

“Our PPF is pre-cut specifically for the particular car we are working on, using our CNC plotting software – meaning we do not remove any panels or badges on your car. The only PPF we are using is XPEL Ultimate Plus (glossy) or Stealth Plus(matte), which has the capability to self heal itself using heat (hot water, engine heat, sunlight) meaning there will never be any stone chips or swirl marks present on your car.” “The PPF application itself costs around Dhs18,000 to Dhs22,000, however we also offer packages to include ceramic coating, window tinting etc.” Abbey concluded.

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