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Mary Dejevsky: Macron masterclass
The Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst was the venue for this week’s UK-French summit meeting, and you can see why. It offered just the right blend of ceremony and substance for a President as sensitive to both as Emmanuel Macron. As a military establishment outside London, it also provided security sufficient for an occasion that brought together not only the two leaders, and their retinues, but – for the first time – also
Nicky Cox: Wiping out gender stereotypes is long way off
The recent media storm around the #Metoo campaign shows no sign of abating. Every week brings another story, another victim and further calls to raise awareness of gender inequality. From the BBC gender pay row to the sexual harassment cases in Hollywood, these issues are steeped in historical and outdated attitudes. But with women now speaking out and indeed, being given a platform to speak, change is being achieved and
Nash Riggins: Awards neatly encapsulate why Trump is not fit to lead
Let’s be clear: America isn’t some “s**thole” country. We’re the ones who invented Shark Week. We brought the world Pop-Tarts, Instagram, the happy hour – even the gif. We’ve done our bit for mankind. America is definitely one of the greatest countries in the whole, wide world. But you know what? You don’t have to dig too far below the surface to figure out that greatness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – because Americans are
Paddy Ashdown: Trump and Brexit bring world closer to conflict
I have been spending a lot of time recently researching the 1930s. I am forcefully struck by the similarities between our current turbulent and unpredictable age and those bygone years. Then as now, nationalism and protectionism were on the rise and democracy seemed to have failed. People hungered for a government of strong men. Those who suffered most from economic pain felt alienated and turned towards simplistic solutions and
Andrew Malcolm: Democrats aiming high
Every other winter, about 10 months before the next congressional elections, a batch of members decides they’ve had enough. They retire or move on to more lucrative, family-friendly jobs. Often, these departures involve members of the minority party, who have a frustrating, unpleasant Capitol Hill life lacking any real control over the legislative agenda. Sure enough, that’s happening again in the winter of 2018. But this time
Sarah T Jones: Happily delivering bundles of joy
I first looked into surrogacy about 20 years ago, purely by chance. I initially wanted to pursue egg donation – I’d finished my own family and at just 21 it felt like such a waste of my fertility. However, upon researching egg donation I realised that I would have to act anonymously. I was disappointed, as I very much wanted to know what would happen with my eggs, who they were passed on to, and details about the child that may
Kuwait regrets Philippine president remarks
KUWAIT CITY: Kuwaiti Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al Jarallah on Fri..
Added : 6 hours ago
Etihad Airways executive aims for world flying record
ABU DHABI: Senior Etihad Airways executive Andrew Fisher embarks on a ..
Added : 6 hours ago
Al Ain Police reunite brothers after 20 years
ABU DHABI: Al Ain Police reunited an Arab with German nationality with..
Added : 6 hours ago
3 Emiratis killed in Abu Dhabi accident
ABU DHABI: Three Emiratis were killed while a fourth was seriously inj..
Added : 7 hours ago
Pakistan top judge orders probe into police killing
KARACHI: Pakistan's Supreme Court Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar on Fr..
Added : 9 hours ago
Hospitalised Pele cancels London trip
LONDON: Pele is in hospital after collapsing due to exhaustion, preven..
Added : 7 hours ago
US won't pay $45m pledged for Palestinian food aid for now
WASHINGTON: The United States will not provide $45 million in food aid..
Added : 7 hours ago
1.3 million children displaced by Iraq's war with Daesh: Unicef
GENEVA: About half the 2.6 million people displaced in Iraq after a th..
Added : 7 hours ago
Chinese county bans pupils from mosques
BEIJING: Authorities in a Muslim-majority county in northwest China ha..
Added : 6 hours ago
Syrians freeze to death crossing mountains into Lebanon
BEIRUT: Nine Syrians froze to death crossing into Lebanon when an icy ..
Added : 7 hours ago
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