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Jamil Jan Kochai: Deep memories, deeper pain
A few days after 9/11, I stood on the blacktop of my elementary school in West Sacramento assuring my best friend that Afghanistan had nothing to do with the attacks on the World Trade Center. I was 9 years old. I knew nothing about Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda or the Taliban. What I did know was that I’d visited Logar province in Afghanistan and the people there were very sweet and very loving and incapable of such destruction. “
Tom Peck: Corbyn is still unable to be wrong about anything
In front of around 500 people, Jeremy Corbyn strode on to the stage to the sound of about six hands clapping. “Thank you so much for that warm reception,” he said. The reception had not been warm at all, but these were the words he had already decided to say, and so say them he did. It was, in its way, a beautifully clear window into the Corbyn psyche, which is best understood as that of a wasp. When a dying wasp flies to the
Chris Riotta: If Sanders can run in 2020, so should Hillary
Hillary Clinton has not announced a 2020 presidential campaign — though we already know what would happen if she did. Boisterous (mostly male) political pundits would immediately lay an axe to her candidacy, decrying her “selfish” and “illogical” attempts to serve the American public in the White House. Democratic lawmakers would urge her to withdraw from the race, calling for “unity” in the battle against Donald Trump. And
DC Pathak: Is it a rogue operation or an intelligence effort?
A national Intelligence organisation — like that of India — earns the respect of the countrymen because it helps the State in discharging its sovereign function of safeguarding national security, stays completely non-partisan and establishes a method of working that is secretive but never crooked. Since security, by definition, is protection against a scheming adversary resorting to a ‘covert’ attack, the counter-intelligence
Adam Withnall: Kashmir attack to impact polls
It was the deadliest single attack in three decades of guerrilla conflict. Now, people of Kashmiri origin living and working across India are watching with growing terror as a car bombing back home in the far north threatens to turn their lives upside down. Last Thursday’s attack was months in the planning, officials believe, but unfolded in moments. A car bomber who had sworn allegiance to a Pakistan-based militant group was
Sean O’Grady: Is it time to levy a tax on ‘fast fashion’?
Now that we’re getting a grip on food waste and plastic waste, we really need to make a start on fashion waste – and end this fad of “fast fashion”. The MPs on the Environment Select Committee suggest we could start small, with a tax of one penny per clothing item, which would yield about £35m a year, something that could fund better clothing collection – for charity, reuse or recycling. It should work. Yet we can go further.
81 perish in Bangladesh fire
Added : 4 hours ago
No change in policy regarding access to Qatar at UAE ports
ABU DHABI: The UAE Federal Transport Authority - Land & Maritime has s..
Added : 4 hours ago
India decides to stop water to Pakistan
BAGHPAT/NEW DELHI: Continuing its tough stance in the wake of Pulwama ..
Added : 4 hours ago
UAE Forces participate in Dir’ Al Jazeera exercise in S.Arabia
RIYADH: The UAE Armed Forces are participating in the Dir’ Al Jazeera ..
Added : 6 hours ago
Modi on 2-day visit to S.Korea, unveils Gandhi bust
SEOUL: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday unveiled a bust of Mah..
Added : 6 hours ago
Largest Daesh mass grave yet found outside Raqa
RAQA: Two feet deep, below a plot of farmland outside the Syrian city ..
Added : 7 hours ago
Algeria military plane crash kills two
ALGIERS: An Algerian fighter jet has crashed during an overnight train..
Added : 7 hours ago
Breakdancing proposed as new sport by 2024 Olympics
PARIS: Breakdancing has been invited as a new sport by the organisers ..
Added : 8 hours ago
South Africa to bat in second Test against Sri Lanka
PORT ELIZABETH: South Africa, trailing in the series, won the toss and..
Added : 7 hours ago
Japanese spacecraft approaches asteroid 280m km from Earth
TOKYO : A Japanese spacecraft began its approach Thursday toward a dis..
Added : 8 hours ago
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