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Patrick Cockburn: A deep crisis of self-confidence
The UK has long been divided by class, region and race, but these divisions have been masked by political and economic success. This has meant the English, as the dominant nation in the UK, are not good at coping with a sense of failure and a loss of self-confidence. The current focus is on parliamentary turmoil and the acceptance or rejection of Theresa May’s muted version of Brexit but, whatever happens in the coming weeks,
Chuka Umunna: Postponing the inevitable
Where did it all go wrong for Theresa May? Yes, she was left an almighty mess by her predecessor. Yes, the country is more divided than it has been in a generation. And yes, her party is split and so is parliament. However, she started her premiership by ignoring these facts and dancing to the tune of Jacob Rees-Mogg and the hard-right of her party – an extreme minority in parliament and the country – instead of trying to pull us
Biba Kang: Millane’s death should be a wake-up call for
No woman could hear about the death of Grace Millane without feeling a wrench of empathy, a wave of panic and a jolt of fear. Grace was a recent graduate travelling around New Zealand. She went missing the day before her 22nd birthday, disappearing from a hostel in Auckland. A body, believed to be Grace’s, was discovered in the Waitakere Ranges on Sunday. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was clearly affected by the
Will Gore: Protests suggest an uneasy truth about Macron
Theresa May is having a tough old time of it. Still, in the last few weeks she might have occasionally glanced across the Channel and felt for Emmanuel Macron. The angry “cheveux blancs” on her backbenches is nothing compared to the “gilets jaunes” which Macron faces across the barricades. Indeed, while May has recently seen her approval ratings rise (admittedly from a low base and probably just temporarily), the French
James Gibney: Pompeo is leading a foreign-policy farce
If a diplomat truly is, as the old saying goes, “an honest man sent abroad to lie for his country,” then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has earned his pay. His speech in Brussels on “Restoring the Role of the Nation-State in the Liberal International Order” deserves a State Department Distinguished Honor Award for Intellectual Dishonesty. “Multilateralism has too often become viewed as an end unto itself,” said Pompeo. “The more
Shelbi Polk: Food for thought
Oddly shaped produce can make for a fun conversation. But most produce that doesn’t fit the public’s idea of normal ends up in a landfill. Some is never harvested at all. Now some Triangle companies are trying to solve several issues with one delivery box. Up to half of the fruits and vegetables grown in the US aren’t eaten, due to both appearance and demand. Growing, harvesting, shipping and selling food that will not be eaten
Ann John: Mental health treatment not in sound health
If you spend any time reading or watching the news, you will not be a stranger to the great work being done to break down the stigma around mental illness. As a former GP, who regularly had to make the difficult diagnoses of mental health conditions, what we really need is help for these professionals who are for many, the first port of call. We still don’t really know what causes many mental illnesses. There are a number of
Mexico estimates 1,100 migrants crossed border into US
Mexico City: Some 1,100 migrants of the Central American caravan could..
Added : 35 minutes ago
US successfully tests missile defence system in Hawaii
The intermediate range ballistic missile target was air-launched by a ..
Added : 42 minutes ago
More coral species found in deeper regions of Great Barrier Reef
SYDNEY: Nearly 200 coral species in the deeper regions of Australia's ..
Added : 31 minutes ago
Korean border troops check removal of each other’s posts
INSIDE THE DEMILITARIZED ZONE: Dozens of South Korean soldiers visited..
Added : 1 hour ago
City Walk celebrates festive season with spectacular musical performances
DUBAI: This festive season, City Walk, the design-inspired open-air li..
Added : 39 minutes ago
Palestinian child dies of wounds after border clash: Gaza ministry
GAZA:A four-year-old Palestinian boy has died after being injured duri..
Added : 24 minutes ago
Russian influence on show in C. African beauty contest
BANGUI: Clad in sleek red gowns and wreathed in smiles, the models lin..
Added : 2 hours ago
NCM warns of rough seas in Arabian Gulf
ABU DHABI: The National Centre of Meteorology, NCM, has warned sea-goe..
Added : 32 minutes ago
Eight dead in fireworks blast at Mexico church
Added : 2 hours ago
Chinese man held over fire at Tokyo war shrine: Reports
TOKYO: A Chinese man suspected of starting a fire inside a Tokyo war s..
Added : 35 minutes ago
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