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CBSE Grade X exams: Schools allay parental concerns
BY IMRAN MOJIB February 25, 2017
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SHARJAH: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi’s decision to restore the Grade 10 Board examinations with effect from the academic year 2017-18 shouldn’t worry the students or their parents, observed educationists in the UAE. However, discussion over the efficacy of restoring the system that was stopped seven years ago continues in the academic circles.

Some parents had expressed concern over abolition of the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system in Grade 10 examinations. They believed that sudden decision will put their wards under pressure as many of them had made up their mind to opt for the school-based examination.

Nehal Khan, a Sharjah-resident whose son is appearing for Grade 10 examination this year, said that for the past six-seven years, these students were being trained for the CCE system, which encouraged them to focus on a smaller portion of the syllabus at a time. It was helping them concentrate more on the subject than just memorise the Q&A. Now, to earn high marks in the exam they will have to join the race.

“I know many friends who are worried. Their wards were preparing to opt for school-based Grade 10 examination as they had no plans to change the school or the board. Now the sudden change in the evaluation system will certainly put more pressure on them,” he said.

However, academicians believe that parents should not worry about their children as they are compelled to sit for the board exams in Grade 10, because schools here mould them from the beginning to study 100 per cent of the syllabus. Students are prepared in such a way that they do not feel difficulties when they go to Grade 12.

RSM Ghalib, Director of The Central School, Dubai, said that the decision shouldn’t worry students or their parents as the students would have to study thoroughly in Plus-2 (Grade11-12). The abolition of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in Grade 10 will only help them get ready for the Grade 12 exams.

He said, “It is better to go back to the old system. Under the CCE, students are required to appear for six tests besides having to complete projects and other activities. Some of the students used to devote more time in preparing various projects than focusing on study for the main exams. Consequently they used to struggle in Grade 11-12.”

Allaying parental concerns, Ghalib said that abolition of CCE will give teachers more time to prepare students acquire confidence for appearing in the board examination with 100 per cent syllabus. It will ultimately prepare them for the Plus-2 which is more important for their career.

However, there were others who preferred the current Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system over restoration of the old system.

“The decision to abolish the CCE also introduces the system to award marks and grades both for individual subjects. It will make the students and parents obsessive once again. It will put extra pressure on the students,” said Faiz Ahmad, whose son will be affected by the decision.

“I never wanted my son to join those students who just memorise the Q&A to score high marks. Unfortunately, there is no option left for him,” he added.

Nusky Jamal, Principal of the New Indian Model School (NIMS), Sharjah, also expressed the wish that the current Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system should have stayed. He said that the CCE system was introduced after proper planning and also matched the evaluation system adopted by various international examination boards.

Jamal, who was involved in the implementation process of CCE in his school, said the CCE was implemented to improve quality. It was meant for preparing students for future. But restoration of the old system will revert them to score marks by memorising from the textbooks.

He added, “I am glad that the CBSE has allowed schools to decide on continuing with the CCE till Grade 8, which helps evolve better critical thinking and lifestyle activities. It will prepare them to meet the challenges of the future.”

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