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‘Food Poisoning’ and ‘Tips to Housewives’
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ABU DHABI: Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) recently put out two booklets titled “Food Poisoning” and “Tips to Housewives” in which it advises them to maintain their health, personal hygiene and well-being of their families.

The booklet “Tips to Housewives” covers topics on “Fridge Layout” and “Fridge Cleaning” which is a must to protect family health.

The booklet on “Food Poisoning” mentions causes of food poisoning, its risks, definition and symptoms.

“Do not clutter your fridge with foods, leave enough space for the flow of cool air and effective refrigeration, so the food doesn’t rot,” says the booklet on “Tips to Housewives.”

“Store large-size foods in the back area of the fridge shelves allowing smaller size foods in the front area to be easily seen and consumed before their expiration,” continues the advice to housewives.

Awareness Campaigns

While carrying out its awareness campaigns throughout the year across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, ADFCA has distributed around 100,000 printed copies of the two booklets among market-goers, food outlets’ customers, school students, and visitors of events and exhibitions being held in Abu Dhabi.

In this regard, the authority’s employees have also held direct meetings with housewives during their presence in shopping centres and various events that were organised in the emirate.

Thamer Al Qasemi, ADFCA’s Official Spokesperson, told ‘The Gulf Today’, “Through our close ties with the community institutions concerned with the empowerment of women, such as the General Women’s Union and the Family Development Foundation, ADFCA has organised many workshops and awareness lectures, in cooperation with these institutions, for the community’s women on food safety issues.”

 ADFCA started to promote such booklets in 2008 to different segments of the community. The booklets have also been transformed into visual, audio, interactive materials, and direct messages which are permanently posted on their social media accounts and channel on YouTube.

 “We target citizens in their homes through more effective channels of communication, such as the authority’s social media accounts and other local media outlets,” Al Qasemi explained.

 The main objective of such booklets is to educate the community about sound food practices and ways to avoid food-borne diseases that can be caused as a result of using wrong practices while dealing with food. These practices include mixing raw food with ready-to-eat food, using the same chopping board for cutting meat and vegetables, and other practices that may lead to food poisoning.

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