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UAE in joy mode
by inayat-ur-Rahman May 07, 2016
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The leaders of the UAE are visionaries who have foreseen the major changes this region is undergoing. The whole nation is jubilant over the government’s recent move to create a ‘Happiness Ministry’. This great initiative shows the immense love and affection of the Rulers for their residents. Being the only country in the Gulf region to do this shows leadership qualities and the real care a Ruler has towards his nation. A cross-section of business heavyweights shares their candid views with The Gulf Today. They commend their wise leadership for this great vision, adding that the UAE is a safe haven and is marching ahead bucking global trends.

Mohammad Hassan Masood, General Manager at Ramada Hotel and Suites Ras al Khaimah and Director at GHM Group: I am overwhelmed and would like to greet the wise leadership of the UAE for creating a ‘Happiness Ministry’.  This great initiative shows us the immense love and respect of the Rulers for their citizens. The UAE is a magnet for the global tourists and expat community. Over 200 nationalities are living in the Emirates. Currently, the UAE is one of the safest countries across the world. The country is marching ahead and bucking all the global trends. Hope the UAE stays happy and prospers ahead forever. (Ameen)

Vishal Mahtani, CEO, Price Global Group: The leaders of the UAE are visionaries who have foreseen the major changes this region has and is undergoing. Adapting to change is one of the most difficult things that any human being can experience. Change can often cause a lot of discomfort to the people which in turn can mean that the happiness meter could sometimes drop.

Seeing and understanding this occurrence, the leaders of the UAE have adopted a policy to allow people to access what is needed to handle the changes and have put a lady to oversee that people remain happy and ensure that this stays a happy region. Being the only country in the Gulf to do this shows leadership qualities and the real care a Ruler has towards his citizens.

Sajith Ansar, Founder & CEO, Idea Spice: Happiness is a combination of how satisfied you are with your life and how good you feel on a day-to-day basis. With this definition in mind, Dubai is without a doubt one of the happiest places on the planet to live in.
It is rare to see so many diverse nationalities in one city, living in mutual respect and trust creating a homogeneous environment. Personally, a catalyst for happiness is the sense of security in day-to-day life.

I believe Dubai has created an aura of happiness within its residents by providing the best of all worlds within it. I personally love the fact that modernity, culture, art, technology, architecture, adventure, luxury, diversity and entrepreneurship all come together to create a perfect balance for us to live in. The work culture has been greatly beneficial for me, since entrepreneurs are given opportunities to flourish and grow, and there are enough avenues to find happiness after your work hours and on weekends.

Shan Saeed, Chief Economist at IQI Holdings: As the global economy navigates through turbulent times, to create a ministry that takes care of ‘Happiness’ of the people is an excellent initiative. That clearly illustrates that Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has deep concern for his citizens and he wants to stay connected with his people.  Great leaders have great qualities that include, engagement with people, constant communication and providing direction to the followers in tough times.

Moreover the UAE will remain on the investor’s radar and Sheikh Mohammed is a strategic leader who would guide Dubai to the next level of progression. His initiative will bolster the UAE economy at the macro level and bring robust strength to the structural reforms of increasing tax to GDP ratio. He remains optimistic about the long-term outlook of the UAE.

Viktorya Sargsyan, a top official at Bin Majid Hotels & Resorts: I landed in Dubai, the city of wonders, three years back. I always consider the UAE as my second home. Being associated with the Bin Majid Hotels & Resorts, I never felt I was a stranger working abroad. The UAE government and the nationals give immense respect to women as well. This country is a safe haven for us.
I would like to greet the wise leadership of the UAE for providing me an opportunity to build my career in this country. I always feel proud of representing Emirates at different platforms across the globe. The UAE is a business hub therefore I have decided to open a travel agency soon in order to cater for the bourgeoning tourism market of the country.

Engineer Adnan Khan, Director, New Khan Builders: I would like to greet and thank the visionary leadership of the UAE for this great initiative. The UAE is a business hub and safe haven for global investors. Dubai has been and is a favourite destination based on the measurements taken by the government as part of its 2020 vision, the mandate of the happiness minister just goes to prove that. May this country prosper ahead forever. (Ameen)

Eleni Tsolakou,
General Manager, Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana: The UAE is one of the fastest growing countries in the world in terms of population, economic rates, and investments and it is also a home to some of the most amazing attractions in the world as the biggest shopping malls, the tallest buildings, and it is one of the most popular travel destinations with a nice climate. It is also the perfect place to live for those who want to travel frequently. Situated between Europe and Asia, it is the midpoint to some of the world’s most amazing destinations.

Saad Elsayed, Media Consultant and owner of MTC Media & Translation:  I have travelled a lot across the globe since four decades. Few years back a high-ranking local official asked me about my favourite city in the world. I replied to him that for those who live in Dubai or the UAE no other country is satisfying.

He asked about the reason. I replied that in each city I miss something or more from the moderate weather to safety and security, Islamic climate, Arab culture, Ramadan rituals, Arabic language, Halal food and so many other things but in the UAE, nothing is lacking.

That is exactly the meaning of happiness in UAE, which I felt and noticed many years back. The main reason behind my stay for 30 years in the city of wonders is solely happiness and mental satisfaction.   
Currently living in other parts of the world and hoping for happiness there is a hard nut to crack. May the UAE prosper ahead forever.

Pranit Naheta, owner of Gehna Jewellery Boutique: The UAE’s latest attempt is to make the Gulf state the world’s happiest place. Dubai has been favoured as an attractive destination for expats for decades, and it has been regarded as one of the top 20 places to live in across several mediums. The establishment of a cabinet member as the minister of happiness reinforces the importance the Emirates attaches to the wellbeing of its residents.
The move is obviously heavily supported by many initiatives which will support the happiness factor of all people living and visiting the UAE.

Iftikhar Hamdani, Cluster General Manager, Ramada Hotel & Suites Ajman and Ramada Beach Hotel Ajman: I have been in the UAE for several years and the community in this bustling country truly makes me happy. People from different nationalities and background thrive together in peace and harmony, learning each other’s culture, religion, languages and even food. I am also happy to be a witness of the progress that the UAE, especially our emirate Ajman, has accomplished over the years, and all the leaders who made these happen. It gives us a positive outlook for the great future ahead.

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