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Letters to the Editor

Future shock

The next generation of children cannot and will not be able to avoid the fallouts of living in a digital world.  But at least the damage could be minimised if we put some remedial measures in place (“Heavy screen time appears to impact children’s brains,” Dec.11, The Gulf Today).

In light of this, findings of studies like that mentioned in your narrative, will go a long way in putting checks and balances in place starting with this generation itself. There are multiple studies warning parents of the adverse effect on children who spend long hours before digital screens.

The narrative states that the study is showing that those nine and 10-year-old kids spending more than seven hours a day using such devices show signs of premature thinning of the cortex, the brain’s outermost layer that processes sensory information. Is that bad? They are yet to find out. But whatever the findings on that front maybe, isn’t it alarming that the cortex is thinning? And that too of kids hooked to screens?

I find it tough to reduce screen time of my kids, mainly because their homework is sourced from the internet. In our days it was from our study books and encyclopedias. It was less strenuous on our eyes and no side effects. The only drawback was that our school bags were heavier.
Louanne J — By email

An unfair fight

Quite an eye opener, that narrative about why the CNN contributor was fired from his job. On the surface, the speech and the opinions in it seemed as harmless as, say, somebody’s opinions about President Trump, which are innumerable. And like the Temple University rightly pointed out, expressing one’s opinion is a constitutional right.

So a media house firing their regular contributor for his speech at the UN General Assembly’s International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people seems unjust and unfair. One doesn’t have to align their views with the organisation they work with, and the move by CNN is quite appalling.

And a speech can be seen through different perspectives, and one can choose a perspective that best appeals to them and either take umbrage or appreciate that a mind produces good and great ideas. Hill’s speech could be seen for just that - an appeal for human rights for the Palestinian people and drawing the world’s attention to the lack of the same.
J Dias — By email
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