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Letters to the Editor

Worthy campaign

Isn’t it uplifting to see youngsters rallying against climate change, even at the cost of being reprimanded for missing out on their classes? Since we have messed it up for them, we can’t blame them for skipping classes to fight a worthy cause. They have got their priorities right (“Thousands of students go on strike over climate,” Feb.16, Gulf Today).

It was bold and a daring display of fortitude and resolve. Even more noteworthy is that the campaign is a Europe-wide movement. Environmental carelessness is rampant and so I resonate with what Anna Taylor, of the UK Student Climate Network, which coordinated the strikes, said. “Unless we take positive action, the future’s looking bleak for those of us that have grown up in an era defined by climate change.” Her caution isn’t something new. The UN and other environmental agencies have been warning us for years.

And now with the youth taking to the streets, the government will be put under more pressure to deliver. They are the future voters who will decide who takes the seat in parliament. The government cannot afford to ignore them.

On a lighter note, I was intrigued by a placard which read “Don’t Mess With My Mother”. I remember when I was a kid, I overheard my friend’s mum tell one of our teachers ‘Don’t mess with my child’. Times have changed. Mother Nature needs to be protected too.
Marcy Ferreira — By email

Let peace reign

The terror attack in Pulwama cannot be condoned, but any retaliatory step needs to be well thought out. India needs to make sure that communal harmony is maintained while it tackles with foreign aggression (“Local terrorists would face death: Army,” Feb.20, Gulf Today).

The Kashmir issue is a thorn in the flesh and the immediate reaction to such incidents is to resort to military action. But the saner approach is for both governments to work collectively towards reining in the forces that spew discord. Tension in Haryana needs to ease. Students and people living in Kashmir should not be targeted. In fact the elements that are disturbing harmony are proving more of a threat than forces from across the border.

There is another confusing element to all this. The Army says that ‘in less than 100 hours of the attack, it has eliminated JeM leadership in the valley’. Why was this not done earlier?
Rajan Desmukh — By email
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